tomatillo_flowerI compost. I don’t like throwing all that good food waste into the landfill. And even though I don’t have a reason to compost, I have this fantasy of being able to grow the food that I prepare and eat on a regular basis. It’s not practical with the job I have, but at least the thought is there. And composting is fun.

I have friends who garden, and when I work up enough compost, I can give it to them so that their gardens can become big and beautiful.

But not this year. I went out to the compost at the end of September and had some little squash-like plants growing. I decided to let them mature, and see what they would become.

Now, I have five or so cucumber plants growing in the compost. They are big enough that I’m going to have to move the compost spot. Fortunately I have another place for it. I am hoping that I will get some cucumbers before the weather turns cold enough to freeze the plants. I have to fashion some plastic covering and stakes so that they still get the sun while being protected from the frost. I cant wait.

No matter what happens, I still have the pleasure of viewing beautiful orange cucumber flowers when they open up in the mornings. It’s a great way to start the day.