You’ve seen those big beautiful, meaty mushrooms, portobellas, and, if you’ve been hanging out with me here on the blog, you know I love them. I love to grill them, roast them, put them on salads raw. I like to chop them up and saute them with onions. Yet most people don’t know how to clean a mushroom — that you should remove the gills, the mushy dark matter on the underside. The gills are what cause a darker juice to be released during the cooking process. It’s also where dirt can hang out and washing mushrooms is bad practice. Adding extra water will cause the mushroom to deteriorate and make it harder to cook.

Do you know how to clean this fungus? Most people are stumped. In this video, I show you two different ways to clean a portabella, one with a spoon and the other with a knife.

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