I love doing chef demos. It gives me a chance to cook a few recipes, share lots of food facts & cooking tips, and show off my chopping skills. (How fast can YOU chop cabbage?) A few years ago I was invited to participate in “Party in the Parking Lot,” an event to help raise interest for VegCo, an all vegan grocery store in Phoenix, Arizona. As with any live event I had fun, but also had challenges — like almost catching myself on fire.

I made Portabello Fajitas with Ancho Chili Sauce, and Summer Citrus Coleslaw. I slice and dice my way through cabbage, peppers and portabello mushrooms, showing the audience how easy it really is to make your own food, up until the fire of course. I even had some kids watching up close. Little budding chefs!

I hope you enjoy this video. It has yummy recipes and great food information, but mainly it shows off my mad knife skills. Knife skills I can teach to anyone who really wants to learn. Hit me up if you are interested. And in the meantime, enjoy the video.