I don’t typically post holiday recipes or what to eat, drink, and cook. This year I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes that you can use to wow your friends and amaze your family.

All the recipes are vegan and gluten free, made from scratch, utilizing minimum allergy causing foods. (Well, I do use soy, probably more than is good for me, but I don’t have that particular allergy.)

So here they are, all wrapped up and ready to go. An array of dishes to make all of your relatives want to eat vegan all the time.


Red Chili & Chocolate QuinoaChocolate and Red Chili Quinoa, Acorn Squash and Sauteed Greens:

This entree is bursting with New World flavors. The recipe joins quinoa, chocolate, and chili to create a truly unique bite. Serve nestled on a bed of Swiss chard and ringed with roasted acorn squash.




Mashed PotatoesGarlicky Mashed Potatoes:

Typically mashed potatoes are loaded with butter and cream. In this recipe we swap those ingredients out with nut milk and your favorite non-dairy margarine. I usually go with Earth Balance as I find it adds a beautiful texture to the potatoes. I use soy milk, but you could use coconut milk or oat milk (not almond or rice, they don’t have enough fat). Take these to the family gathering and I guarantee they will disappear without one question asked.



Mushroom gravyMushroom Gravy:

Mushrooms are a fall fungus. I like to use them while in abundance. What better way than in this gravy that uses vegetable stock, soy milk, and mushrooms to make a plate licking sauce that will have your friends begging for the recipe.




pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie:

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without one, or several. This recipe was tested by one of my non-vegan friends and the response was “Yes please, more.” I love it when a good thing comes together. Read this article on where pumpkins come from to understand why this particular squash made it to our holiday dessert table.




In between your holiday cooking and baking, take a look at Joni Marie Newman’s book Vegan Food Gifts: More Than 100 Inspired Recipes for Homemade Baked Goods, Preserves, and Other Edible Gifts Everyone Will Love for holiday gift giving ideas.