When I watch YouTube, it is usually vegan food videos. Early on I was looking for ideas of what to cook for dinner. Now, it’s about staying informed and getting a little entertainment. That Big Food channel still hasn’t created a vegan cooking show, let alone hired a vegan chef. That leaves YouTube to pick up the slack – and it has done so with a vengeance.

If you plug vegan into youtube and use “channel” as a filter, there are over 900,000 hits. I’m not sure if that’s how many actual channels there are, but it’s more than when I first found youtube.

Channels range from a personal journey from carnivore to vegan, travel, politics, and of course, cooking shows. There are plenty of vegan vloggers sharing their opinions about the world of veganism. I don’t have time to watch all of them but there are a few I do enjoy.

Here are three vegan YouTube channels I like to watch:

The Vegan Corner

If the Italian accent doesn’t make you fall in love, the beautiful and perfectly executed recipes will. This show makes me drool every time I watch a new video. You can find some of their stunning videos on Amazon Prime but they got their start on YouTube. After a short break, they’ve returned with new recipes and cooking tips for making all sorts of vegan food, not just Italian. You can check out their channel trailer below or head straight here to start watching videos.


The Vegan Roadie

The Vegan Roadie is in the middle of releasing Season 2 of his show. He travels around the US with a small crew finding great vegan eats and telling us about it. In each season he visits different cities, highlighting the vegan restaurants in the area. He’s covered San Francisco to Atlanta, but sadly did not visit Phoenix.

Watch the Season 2 Teaser below or go directly to the channel.


Cooking with Plants

If you are looking for a straight forward and simple presentation of different kinds of vegan food, Anya from Cooking with Plants keeps it as easy and simple as possible. In a direct fashion, she tells you what you need and how to make the food. Check her out yourself by clicking here and see if you don’t simply love her approach to making food.


YouTube definitely has a LOT of vegan videos. They range from the political to the silly. I watch some of the others like Bite Size Vegan and the Unnatural Vegan, but I prefer the cooking videos, and of course, the travel videos. You can visit channels like Vegan Travel to discover vegan places around the world.

Enjoy exploring the vegan YouTube world!