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Time to Make the Guacamole

One of the staple condiments around this house is guacamole. Our close proximity to California and Mexico, where the largest crops of avocado trees are grown make having this sauce handy convenient.

There is much talk in the healthy eating circles on whether avocados are good for you or not. The argument is the good vs. the bad fat. Personally, I don't care. I love avocados. If you are like me, and absolutely love avocados, then you'll truly enjoy this short video that shows you how easy it is to make.

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Chocomole: Get Your Healthy Chocolate Fix in Minutes

Yesterday I was reminded once again why the Partner does not go without chocolate. I found a recipe for a Chocolate Mousse that uses avocados, maple or agave syrup, and vanilla. My inspiration was adding a bit of orange zest. Chocolate and orange play nicely together, and since avocado is basically the "cream," I knew it would work well.

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Yes Avocados are Super Food, they also make Guacamole!

Long consumed by natives of Mexico and Central America, avocado packs a powerful healthy fat content (the unsaturated kind). As well as a list of vitamins and minerals normally only found in supplement form. You can make avocado soup, avocado cream, put slices of it on sandwiches, and according to Dave Lieberman, sneak it into smoothies or even brownies, to get goodness into kids.

But I am a purist, and when making Tofu Chili Tacos, or Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas, I've got to have some guacamole.

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