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How to Clean a Mushroom

You've seen those big beautiful, meaty mushrooms, portobellas, and, if you've been hanging out with me here on the blog, you know I love them. I love to grill them, roast them, put them on salads raw. I like to chop them up and saute them with onions. Yet most people don't know how to clean a mushroom -- that you should remove the gills, the mushy dark matter on the underside.

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Check Audio Please

waveformIt’s been over a year since I shot the last round of videos. I borrowed a high quality camera, and scheduled a production date. I proceeded to do the requisite preparations: I wrote video scripts and shot sheets, and trained the Partner on the language of television production, and how to use the video camera. (We both agreed that the day of shooting is not the time to have a pre-production meeting).

A friend was kind enough to open their home to us as a “set.” (I have a very teeny tiny kitchen right now). They got involved and helped us with lights and placement of microphone. The shooting went well. Between setting everything up, including the food, and tear down, it only took three and a half hours. The total amount of video shot was around 40 minutes. Completed videos will equal 5 minutes. Time-wise we did well. read more

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Books by Chef Johnna

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  • Things Vegans Fry: Crunchy Comfort Food for Vegans

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