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Recipe Roundup: Fruit Time

Today's Recipe Roundup highlights some of the dishes Chef Johnna has created using fruit. Coincidentally, most are summer fruits, freely available in July, August, and September.

The heart of all those refreshing summer drinks you're enjoying right now is probably a simple syrup. Used in lemonades and aqua frescas, it's also used by bartenders in drinks like mojitos. The base is water and sugar, but they are usually infused with fruit, herbs, or things like ginger or lavender.

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Spring Celebration: Fresh Fruits and Veggies all month long!

What’s in season in June? I live in the Valley of the Sun, one of the hottest places on the earth in the summer. We are blessed with moderate climates and long growing seasons, yet, when the hottest months of July and August hit, nothing grows. If there are plants in the garden I make sure they are zoned for the hardiest conditions and that they are watered well.

In June there is the harvest from May.

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Quinoa Waffles to Inspire Your Brunch

Quinoa is a super food that has been consumed by the Incan, Mayan and Aztec populations for thousands of years. There are over 150 varieties, but only a few that are fit for human consumption. Originally grown in the Andes, quinoa has made its way up into the US, where I have happily discovered many of its uses. My job at the big resort taught me at least 100 different ways to prepare this nutty, earthy ingredient. What they didn’t teach me about is quinoa flour.

This flour has quickly become a staple in our house. Of course I had to find a suitable waffle recipe.

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Books by Chef Johnna

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