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Magic Jackfruit

 Jaccrockpot jackfruitkfruit only came onto my radar last year. It’s been touted as the darling of the vegan world because it has the consistency and texture of shredded meat. For someone who has recently converted to a plant based diet, this can be more comforting, then say looking at a block of tofu. Eating is about the visual, as well as scent and taste. I’m not sure why as vegans we need to simulate meat anything, except that it brings comfort to those who are leaving the carnivore life behind.

I’m about flavor, texture, and color. I ask the question: will it provide proper nutritional balance? And what else can I make out of this food. read more

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Quinoa Waffles to Inspire Your Brunch

Quinoa is a super food that has been consumed by the Incan, Mayan and Aztec populations for thousands of years. There are over 150 varieties, but only a few that are fit for human consumption. Originally grown in the Andes, quinoa has made its way up into the US, where I have happily discovered many of its uses. My job at the big resort taught me at least 100 different ways to prepare this nutty, earthy ingredient. What they didn’t teach me about is quinoa flour.

This flour has quickly become a staple in our house. Of course I had to find a suitable waffle recipe.

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A Recipe a Day: Sonoran Quinoa Cakes

I've been on a culinary quest to make good food even better. Of course starting out with quality ingredients is a key element in cooking. But what can make your food even better then what it is? Technique. In this recipe I sweat the peppers, onion, and garlic before adding them to the quinoa. The trick is then to add salt to the vegetables that are sweating. This brings out more of the natural flavor in the vegetables.

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