Eat All Your Veggies Day:

June 17

Celebrating Eat all your veggies day with grilled veggie wraps

Eat All Your Veggies Day is probably my second favorite food holiday. It’s no secret I love vegetables. I love the colors, the smells and freshness of flavor. When I bring vegetables home from the farmer’s markets they seem so alive and vibrant.

Before I start prepping for any recipe, I take a moment: I breathe in the dirt, I sense the farmer whose hands worked the land and nurtured the plants, the truck that brought the food to market, the people who sold the food to us. And then I dive in. My knives moving in that particular rhythm I have of chopping. Carrots, cabbage, onions, spinach, and peppers all meet the blade with precision.

Then pans get heated up. There’s the gratifying sizzle and pop of the vegetables meeting the heated oil, and I let out a little sigh. I love cooking. I love my veggies. I love feeding myself and my Spouse this kind of feast.

I also love the crunch and the snap of a fresh carrot or radish going into my mouth. Hummus is one of my favorite dips to eat with raw cucumbers and celery sticks. There are other vegetables we could discuss but I don’t want to get sidetracked from sharing these recipes with you.

In honor of today, I’ve gathered and collected a few of my favorite recipes that involve vegetables. As always, let us know what you think, and feel free to share some of your favorite recipes in the comments below.

Vegetable Stock VeggiesVegetable Stock: This stock is the basis for most of my other recipes. Really, I could not cook without it. It’s the top of my list.





Sauteed Garlicky SpinachGarlicky Spinach: Garlic, spinach and a splash of lemon. I love this dish with grilled portabellos and vegan mashed potatoes. Enjoy this dish with your favorite beverage and friends.




fava bean cassouletFava Bean Cassoulet: This soup takes a little bit of time because of the fava beans. But it involves the mirapoix base, onions, celery, peppers, and carrots. When made right, this cassoulet can satisfy even the hardiest carnivore.




Carrot & Beet SoupCarrot Beet Soup: This dish utilizes golden beets and carrots, giving it a vibrant orange shimmer. Be careful not to spill it on your clothes. It likes to stay permanently in whatever it touches.