TalkToChef_logo_text_below-01There’s a new service available now called TalktoChef. It is a face-to-face video service, connecting you directly to an expert who can help you with a cooking emergency or culinary 911. I am a Featured Chef on this app.

Imagine you are in the middle of cooking a dinner for friends and you realize that you forgot to buy an ingredient. You need to know if there’s a reliable substitution. You can use TalktoChef to immediately connect with a professional to help you locate an appropriate substitute in your pantry. What if you miss a step in a recipe and need to back up? How do you do that? Connect and have your questions answered by me. You gain confidence in cooking with someone beside you (virtually) and a guiding hand to help.

The simplest way to access the service is to click the widget on the side of my website. Open the TalktoChef website in the Chrome browser, and you will be guided through the simple process that connects you to the service. Alternatively you can download the app to your phone, tablet, or device and start using it. The application utilizes Google Hangouts (HOA’s) to connect people with chefs, which is why when using a laptop or desktop, you open the application in the Chrome browser. On the phone or tablet, it is stand alone.

TalktoChef does charge a fee, but it’s nominal considering the experienced chefs available to guide you. There is a stable of chefs with a variety of skills and culinary backgrounds just waiting to help you. But please, consider connecting with me to help solve your cooking issues. I am available throughout the day to answer any questions. Just click and connect. If you don’t see me online, drop me an email or message me through social media and I can be available to help you out.

Service overview

The app, currently in beta, was developed by Danil Brodovich and his team. They’ve worked really hard to make professional chefs available to the public. I think this service is a brilliant idea.

Whatever the culinary emergency, contact the Kitchen Shaman at TalktoChef. Let’s cook together!