ThMaking Falafel by Kitchen Shamanere are times that the camera comes out and I record the food that I cook, the recipes I’m working on. With the release of my new e-cookbook Things Vegans Fry, I created the video below, “How to Make Falafel.” What makes it special besides the fabulous falafel is that a friend of mine makes an appearance and tries fresh out of the fryer falafel, which I am really happy about. I’m also thrilled they loved my crunchy little bits of fried fava beans and chickpeas.

How easy is it to make falafel? Pretty darn easy. One has to plan because the fava beans and chickpeas do need to be soaked overnight, and one must remember to have all the ingredients on hand.  In the video, I walk you through the steps on how to process and cook the falafel. I also show you an alternative to deep frying if you don’t have a countertop deep fryer. While I crave having a professional fryer in my kitchen, one of the best $10 investments I ever made was a seamless stockpot that a neighbor was selling. It’s turned into my fryer for EVERYTHING!


I hope you enjoy the video and the special guest appearance. If you have any suggestions, or if there’s something you’d like to see me cook, leave a comment on YouTube or below. I’m willing to cook by suggestion and record it for you.

Thank you for the continued support of Kitchen Shaman. Lately, it’s been quiet here because I’ve been working on some other projects that have taken me away from developing recipes to share with all of you. I’m hoping to come back into balance once the new project is humming along. You can see what else I’ve been up to over at Artistic Nomads.