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The Heat of Ginger


grated_gingerGinger is a root, the rhizome of Zingiber Officinale, and grows in fertile, moist soil (definitely not where I come from). Unlike most spices when ginger is used fresh, not dried, it is still called a spice. Typically the root is dried, and ground to a powder, or the oils from the ginger are extracted and used medicinally.

Ginger purportedly has many medicinal uses. Most of them are unproven by Western Medical Science, but well known in the Schools of Ayurveda, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am not a trained Nutritionist, or part of the Medical Profession, yet I do believe in the power of herbs and spices to heal. And ginger is one of those spices. It is known as an anti-inflammatory, helping with Arthritis, nausea and vomiting in both pregnancy and chemo therapy patients. It is used to combat ulcerative colitis, heartburn and stomach upset. It is also used to treat Upper Respiratory infections. It may possibly help in heart-related disease, by lowering cholesterol. And there have been studies done to show its usefulness in alleviating motion-sickness. Ginger may possibly have cancer-fighting agents as well, but that remains unproven as of right now. read more

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Time flies

Poblano Chili PlantWow! I didn’t realize it had been almost 6 months since my last post. Work got really, really busy. We had a bit of a break during the Holidays, and then came back full force!

I have found time to start up gardening. I am tired of high produce prices and low quality, gassed and hot house tomatoes, and having to spend almost $3.00 for herbs that cost that much for the seed.

This year I am growing Anaheim chili’s, cilantro, and basil. Being a Sonoran Cuisine Chef, the more chili’s I can grow, the better my salsa! read more

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Kitchen Gadgets:

mini chopper

Useful gadget

What is more annoying then walking into a dollar store and finding a Microwave Egg Cooker? It happened. I saw one. When I go to dollar stores, I always check the Kitchen Equipment shelf. I’ve found a wooden spatula with a curved lip that helps for saute. I’ve found a 4-pack of tongs, made of good quality metal (minus the silicon tip), the package included 2 short and 2 long tongs. I’ve picked up a funnel strainer, and one or two other cool things.But a Microwave egg cooker? Come on folks. What happened to the old fashioned boil-the-egg-on-the-stove? Are people really afraid to use their stove-tops? Does a microwave use less electricity than a stove? I don’t even have a microwave in my house. I am adverse to them, and short of a quick way to heat butter, or chocolate (double-boiler any one?), I find them useless. read more

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Why I’m Here

Chef Johnnie XelI’ve added this blog because I have the intention of launching a culinary website.

Most likely it will sit here for awhile, until we get some other elements added.

If you have anything culinary related that you would like to add to this blog, please do, I’d be delighted.


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