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November Food Observances 2015

It’s almost November and time to look at all the food holidays that vegans can celebrate. Up first, it’s World Vegan Month! This is the time to learn all you can about eating vegan, why factory farming is inhumane, and what we can do to build urban gardens and make city food deserts places where food plants flourish and feed families.

The sole weekly observance this month celebrates figs. This makes me very happy, because I do love figs.

The daily food observances include everything from pecans to peppers to pomegranate. And the daily celebrations have fun foods like nachos, sundaes, and pizza with everything (do you put kale on pizza?).

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October Food Observances 2015

The month of October brings one of the days that all my friends love to celebrate: Halloween. But before we jump ahead to the time of the veil lifting between the living and the dead, let’s look at what foods are celebrated this month.

It’s National Vegetarian Awareness Month and if you don’t know about this, it just means you can start looking at your beans, rice, fruits, and vegetables in a different way.

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Food Observances in September 2015

September is rich in food celebrations, my favorite being Mushroom Month. I’ve been promising myself that I would post a bunch of mushroom recipes during this month, but who doesn’t love a good breakfast? With both National Waffle Week and National Pancake Day in September, we get an opportunity to dig into the breakfast theme.

Then there’s the fact that I have a love affair with potatoes and it’s their month too. I make potato chips all the time and French fries when I’m feeling frisky. As a professional cook, I’ve made my share of mashed potatoes. Did you know there are over 150 varieties of potatoes in the world, and that they hail from Peru?

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Food Holidays in August 2015

August brings us some incredible food celebrations. First of all it is National Sandwich Month, Peach Month, and Eat Dessert First Month! All of these foods are cause for celebration. We are a nation that runs on sandwiches, from the humble PB & J to the more elaborate stuffed burgers. Delis, sandwich shops, and food trucks should bust out the goods and create the best sandwiches this month.

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June Food Observances

veggies_03June is upon us and with it all the bounty of summer! There are plenty of food observances this month, but the one that tops my list is Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Celebrate the summer harvest all month long by buying and preparing fresh foods like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, peas, onions, squash, and zucchini. Check our recipe page for some great ideas on what to cook with these foods. Many monthly celebrations aren’t so vegan-friendly. But it is also National Papaya month and National Iced Tea month. read more

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May Food Observances

It’s the first of May and that brings with it, Beltane, a celebration of fertility and health. There are other wonderful celebrations that happen this time of year, but May Day is one of the oldest on-going celebrations. Along with this day, there is also food, lots and lots of food. Vegetables and fruits come forth and provide sustenance for us humans who have braved the long, cold winters, dreaming of that first taste of fresh asparagus or strawberries.

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