Tofu that has been marinated and grilled in orange sauce.The first cooking class Chef Johnna ever did was “Taming the Terrific Tofu.” The idea was to counteract the idea in our society that tofu=terrible. Pretty much every vegan and vegetarian has had a least one bad tofu experience, whether eating or cooking it, and many omnivores have also tasted poorly prepared tofu.  The key there is “poorly prepared” because, if you know what you’re doing, tofu can be a tasty and versatile ingredient in some delicious dishes.

Kitchen Shaman has shared quite a few tofu recipes over the years, everything from breakfast to dinner, stir fried to BBQ. Today we’re highlighting just a few. You can do a search of the site to find more.

Tofu Tacos (with red chili sauce) are on the menu for Chef Johnna’s demo at VeggieFest 2016 this Sunday (July 24th). If you’re in the Chicago area, please look us up. The key to a good tofu dish is using the right combination of seasonings and/or sauces and giving the tofu time to soak up the flavors. Tacos are a great way to play with the texture of tofu, creating small crumbles that make the ideal taco filling.

For breakfast you might want to try Tofu Bacon or Soy Chorizo, depending on your personal preference. Both are good with pancakes or waffles. They also work as lunch or dinner. Anyone for a tofu BLT? How about a chorizo and rice bowl with veggies?

A staple in our house are these Tofu Bites. You can change up the seasonings to match your favorite flavors. We tend to toss them on salads, add them to rice bowls and wraps, or just eat a handful as a quick protein snack.

For a more upscale dinner, try these Tofu Cutlets with Orange Cumin Marmalade. The grilled cutlets can be served with potatoes or rice and your favorite vegetables.

Looking for more creative ways to use tofu? Try Smoked Tofu or make your own Vegan Mayo.

What’s your favorite tofu recipe?