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Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival 2016

The month of January rolls around and in Southern Arizona, it’s a chilly 40 degrees at 9 am. The time volunteers arrive and start setting up for the Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival.

This is the second year for this event run by U.S. Veg Corp, an event company out of New York City. They also produce the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, and are working on adding a third event for Southern California next fall.

This was my second year volunteering. Last year I presented a Chef Demo, Breakfast in the Afternoon. This year, due to health issues, I was asked if I would give a talk in the Speaker’s Tent and if I could help run the tent. I said, “Of course.”

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Chef Demo: Breakfast in the Afternoon

This is my chef demo at the First Annual Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival.

I showed the audience how to make breakfast the vegan way: tofu scramble and breakfast potatoes. It was all very delicious and lots of fun. I really enjoyed meeting the organizers of the event Sarah Gross and Nira Paliwoda.

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Chef Demo: Kitchen Shaman Live

Arizona Vegetarian Food FestivalNext weekend you can find me cooking “Breakfast in the Afternoon” at the first annual Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival. Cooking in front of crowds is a favorite thing of mine. Although I don’t favor open kitchens (where cooks have to produce constantly while patrons look on), I do like to put on a good cooking demo.

When I found out that Arizona was to have our first Vegetarian Festival ever, I knew I must participate. The information came across my virtual desktop while we were traveling across the United States from Arizona to Kansas. Fortunately the Festival will be held in Scottsdale, a town adjacent to Phoenix, and very close to the last restaurant I worked at. After a few emails were exchanged I had secured a slot with the producers of this event. I’d like to thank Chef Jason Wyrick for sharing the link that led to this fantastic event. read more

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