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Smoked Tofu part deux

Last summer I wrote about smoking tofu. I've learned a few thing since. I actually read on the package of mesquite chips what I am supposed to do.

Fire up the grill following the instructions in Smoked Tofu. Then follow these directions...

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Smoked Tofu and Veggies with “Magic” sauce

The other night I came home from work and was really tired. Still, I had to get dinner on the table. I had one can of coconut milk left on the shelf. In the refrigerator there were some left-over diced veggies, smoked tofu, and rice. I have a well stocked pantry, so I gathered up some spices, and went to work. And I came up with Smokey Tofu and Veggies, with Magic Coconut Sauce.

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The Way of Tofu

In the wide world of vegan and vegetarian cooking, tofu is the preferred protein. Most Americans are intimidated when it comes to working with tofu and have no clue how to approach this super bean. I know that I had no concept of how to process tofu until I lived with a vegan roommate in the late nineties. She really taught me the way of tofu. And since then I've been improving on how I work with it.

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Tofu Bacon!

Tofu BaconTofu bacon has had me excited for awhile. I was scared to try it. I really did not understand what made it smokey, or so crunchy.? I turned to my friend, the internet. and found only a few references and recipes. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as you might think.

So I combined two or three good ideas and here’s what I came up with.

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A Recipe a Day: Tofu Scramble

What I love about Tofu Scramble is it's versatility. This is by no means the be all and end all recipe for this dish. Experiment with the base, and come up with different vegetables and spices to put in it. I like jalapenos and chili powder, so it goes into the one I make here at home, but you can add any thing, really, that you want to, it all depends on your palate.

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New Mexico Red Chili Sauce

Blending red chilies after cooking for an hour. Add salt and lime, and serve with enchiliadas, tamales, and tofu.There is a mystique applied to sauces in general, and when it comes to chilis, even more so. Chili Sauce is as individual as the cook who makes it. I enjoy consistency in cooking, and have made this recipe a few hundred times with the same response: “yummy”.

You can find the red chili pods in grocery stores or a Latin/Mexican market. Make sure they are bright red. If you buy them from the bulk bin, make sure to rinse them off before cooking. They tend to get dusty.

I prefer New Mexico Red Chili pods, but if you can’t find them, any dried red chilis will do. Medium or hot is the best choice to make this versatile and vibrant sauce. read more

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Smoked Tofu

Double grill for roasting salsa fixings and smoking tofu!

I had a bad experience attempting to smoke vegetables and tofu. I am a determined chef, therefore, I tried again.

I searched the internet for some kind of information on how to set up a charcoal grill for smoking, especially smoking chiles. The results were depressing, and I found loads of information on how to use an electric smoker, how to smoke pork meat, and other topics that I wasn’t looking for. read more

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Time flies

Poblano Chili PlantWow! I didn’t realize it had been almost 6 months since my last post. Work got really, really busy. We had a bit of a break during the Holidays, and then came back full force!

I have found time to start up gardening. I am tired of high produce prices and low quality, gassed and hot house tomatoes, and having to spend almost $3.00 for herbs that cost that much for the seed.

This year I am growing Anaheim chili’s, cilantro, and basil. Being a Sonoran Cuisine Chef, the more chili’s I can grow, the better my salsa! read more

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