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Whats In a Bowl: A Brief History of Rice

Somewhere in Asia or India between 3,000 and 7,000 years ago people began to cultivate a wild grass known as rice. In several Asian languages the word for rice and food are the same, indicating the importance of this grain in the daily diet of Asian countries.

There are several mythologies surrounding the origin of rice.

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Variations on Rice Recipes: Herbed Rice

Rice comes in all forms and varieties. The kind of rice you use depends on the application. For sushi, you would use sushi grade rice. For this recipe, you can use almost any kind of rice, even the difficult short grain brown rice. This is an herby springtime rice, but you can make it any time of the year.

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Cooking Rice: Easy steps

White RiceWhen I first started cooking rice, I didn’t get it quite right. It was too sticky or too hard. I would have to add more water while it was cooking. So I ate a lot of potatoes, they were easier to cook. But I enjoy eating rice, so I needed to conquer my fear about cooking rice, and learn how to do cook it properly.

Cooking rice depends on several factors; equipment, the kind of rice used, and altitude. Make sure you have a 4 quart sturdy pot with a tight fitting lid. What kind of stove top will the rice be cooked on? Induction, gas, or electric. read more

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