Tofu scrambleJuly is a busy month here at Kitchen Shaman. New website, appearance at VeggieFest in Chicago (and the surrounding travel), preparing a new book for publication in August, and editing new videos to add to our YouTube channel are the main things on the agenda.  We aren’t forgetting all you blog readers, though. Throughout the month we’ll be rounding up some of our favorite recipes and articles. Our hope is that it will remind you of the treasure trove of content that we’ve been building up on the site for almost a decade.

Today’s roundup is breakfast recipes. Not everyone is a morning person, but when the food awaiting is this delectable, maybe you’ll change your ways, at least one or twice.

Start with Cereal

A clear staple of the morning table is cereal.  If that’s what you like, we’ve got two options for you: one hot and one cold.

Quinoa is a high protein alternative to oatmeal that packs a lot of flavor along with nutrients. It’s quick and easy to make and you can exercise some creativity in choosing toppings depending on your mood.

Check it out here: Hot Quinoa Cereal

For cold cereal lovers, there’s nothing as handy as granola. Here is a versatile recipe that you can easily adapt to your own preferences. As with most granolas, you don’t have to limit yourself to eating it in the morning. It can be added into trail mix or used as a topping for yogurt or even in desserts.

Click here for the full recipe: Spiced Orange Pumpkin Granola

Full Breakfast

If you want a more hearty breakfast, try a tofu scramble. The basic preparation remains the same, but you can create different versions by changing out the vegetables and spices that you use.  Try it Southwestern style (jalepenos & chili powder) or Mediterranean (spinach and olives) or come up with your own.

Here’s the basic recipe: Tofu Scramble

You can also see me prepare the dish in this video from AZVegFest: Tofu Scramble Demo

Like to stack your food? Try this: Tofu Scramble Breakfast Stack

Grab & Go

Quinoa MuffinsMaybe you prefer something quick that you can eat on the run along with your coffee? This gluten-free muffin brings together peaches, quinoa, and bananas for a sweet morning treat. It can also be enjoyed with your afternoon tea or late night hot chocolate or, really, anytime you’d like.

Get the original recipe here: Quinoa Muffins

What vegan breakfast recipes have you tried? — or what recipes would you like to see here on Kitchen Shaman?